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Eight Fascinating Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Twitter

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How to Keep Hackers Out of Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts

To add it on Twitter, go to Settings and Privacy > Account. In the Security subsection, click on Review your login verification methods. After entering your password you'll land on a Login verification screen where you can make the same choices about how and where to receive codes. While using strong, unique passwords and two-factor isn't foolproof, for most people the combination drastically reduces the chance that their social media accounts will ever be compromised. Facebook has a few options to help keep on top of who's accessing your account, and where. Under Settings > Security and Login, you can see all the devices your account is logged in on, and where they are. See something you don't recognize, or a device you've lost track of? The right-hand icon gives you the option of logging out remotely, or reporting it as an imposter. From there, scroll down to Get alerts about unrecognized logins, and turn it on. That way, you'll get a notification via Messenger, email, or Facebook that someone has logged into your account from an unrecognized browser. Twitter doesn't offer a similar function—all the more reason to make sure you've got two-factor on for it. Though it would be difficult for an attacker to take over one of your social media accounts through a third-party service that has some access, it's worth checking out what you've approved to ensure that there's nothing phishy in the list, and remove old plugins that you no longer need.

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